What to do this weekend? How about some creepy creatures!

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There was an article today in the Post Dispatch talking about the new Monsters Exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center.  Opens this weekend!

So you think John Cox’s animatronic aliens are scary? Just try delivering an Oscar speech in front of Sean Penn, Meryl Streep and about 40 million TV viewers.
Cox and three colleagues experienced a nightmare come true when they won the 1995 Oscar for visual effects for “Babe.” Cox created the sheep, mice, puppies, chickens and Belgium sheepdog for the family classic.

“You’ve got 45 seconds, and you’re watching this clock count down trying not to get flustered,” Cox said. “That was the scary part. The rest was great. No one there knew us from a bar of soap.

“My mom gave me a little ‘Babe’ pig before I left, and I took that with me and stuck it out the window of the limo. And that instant, everyone knew who we were. Oprah Winfrey walked over and said, ‘Oh, I love that pig.'”

Cox has created plenty of cuddly characters during his 26-year career, but not one of them will be on display this summer at the St. Louis Science Center.

Rather, “Monsters! The Art & Technology of Animatronics” showcases the awesome aliens, cranky crocodiles and diabolical dinosaurs conceived in the John Cox Creature Workshop in Queensland, Australia.

(read entire article)


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